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14th-Apr-2005 06:25 pm
Brittany the Chipette!

Okay-well, my doctor thingy went well. He was a nice guy. My current diagnosis is: (it's kinda long) Type A Depression, PTSD, Type A Eatting Disorder, and Slight Phsycosis.

He says I was majorly depressed, but thinks I've made tons of progress in the last 6 months when I started working on it all. He says I'm a little young (only 18) to say I have "real" phsycosis, so he says "we'll see more as time goes on".

He upped my meds in Prozac, and says that the reason I've been halucanationg is due to stress from the flashbacks. He thinks my mind didn't know how to cope with it, so I started to see other types of things in addition to the flashes. (human minds are SO weird...) The upped dosage should lower anxitety, and calm me enough to get the halucinations to stop. He says that it help the flashbacks, but really that's just the condition of PTSD, and he said I'm doing everything I could do to help.

Overall, a pretty positive visit. I just wish medication could do more, or I could, and it didn't end with a "it's just the condition" sentence. Ohwell-work in progress, right? How is everyone else doing? Ttyl! -Brittany

14th-Apr-2005 08:50 pm (UTC)
I'm glad your visit went well too. At least you are moving forward, like you said. ::hugs:: :)
18th-Apr-2005 07:55 am (UTC)

i am glad things went well. i hope that today has been a good day for you.

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