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Some beliefs in the Middle East are very twisted...

Did you know you could be murdered because you are raped. You are concidered unclean after a rape and can be killed for it. It's called a cleansing murder, or a cleansing killing. In one specific story a brother killed his sister who was raped beacause she was causing her family so much shame. He got six days in jail. He felt absuluting no remorse. This sort of situation isn't unusual.

I think this is so sad, disturbing, and triggering. There are some people in the middle east who are trying to overthrough the permision for traditions like this. I hope they can win soon. I can't expain how disturbing this is to me. My boy friend and I were watching the show this was on last night, and us both being survivors were very disturbed.

Tags: rape, victim-blaming
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