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 This is an entry from my personal journal. Sometimes it seems like you can't get away from it.
One of the girls in my abuse support group committed suicide this past week. It was too much for her, and it's so sad. She could've worked through it, she could've found the strength. She's could've not let her abuser win. The support wasn't there for her though, or maybe she was too weak. She was too tortured. It's so sad. =( I hate stuff like this.

I also found out that one of my seven year old tae kwon do students was sexually abused when she was about five years old. She's now seeing two therapist. Her mom told me that she was also sexually abused when she was five, and that's why they're so close.

It sucks that this is everywhere. It's enough to just make you wanna hide inside. Either mentally or in actuality. It's all so sad.

My dad is telling me how I need to forgive. I know I need to. I know forgiving him isn't saying what he did was okay. Part of me is still bitter and cinical, and would love nothing more than to castrate my abuser. ::need to let it go and stop letting it eat me up inside::
Tags: suicide, victim-blaming
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