mariposa_bella (mariposa_bella) wrote in _survivors_,

just a small encouragement

i just want to say that things DO get better eventually.  i know there were so many days when i wondered if i could ever go on, or if i could be "normal" or if life would always be fear-filled and miserable.  but hang on tight!!!  there is hope.  i've been feeling so much better this past year than any year before.  am learning so much and growing so much.  stronger than ever.  time does help heal along with processing things.  not to say that there aren't still days i have to deal with stuff, but predominantly i am finally living my life lately.  so be encouraged.  hang in there.  when you feel like you can't go on, just hang on... eventually it will get better.  you may stumble, but you will get back up.  you're awesome!!!  you're strong!!!  you're powerful!  you can do it and you will do it!!!  blessings be upon you all!!!
Tags: inspirational
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