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Just need some help. =(

Basically... I found some mold on a plant pot in my room, and freaked because I hate mold. I've been in this weird brain running laps in my skull, tingly crawly skin, eyes are focusing weird. Everything in the house that I look at seems so dirty and cluttered. I'm almost overwelmed by it.

Lost of energy and enxiety. I still don't have meds and psychologist is booked until March. I dunno if the hydroxycut is making my mania/ anxiety worse or not.

I haven't been myself for the past moth or so. I had a bad pinic attack about a week ago, that was before the hydroxyxut. I've been on hydroxyxut for four days, I've almost had another attack a couple days ago, but I talked myself out of it.

I watched Memuars of a Geisha last night before going to sleep which is stupid because I know there are parts in that movie that have triggered me before. They were a little upsetting last night.

I'm just frustrated, I don't understand this mood, I don't really know how to deal with it, and I need some help and advice.
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