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cut for auto accidents

I just posted this on my journal, and thought I would also post it here. I have been in Madison since Friday, and almost tried to come home last night because I was feeling home-sick. I am glad to be home now ... the below it what I wrote on my personal journal ...

I haven't read the on-line news since last night. I know I will do so eventually, but right now isn't the best time for me to do so. So, I don't have any links to offer you. But, if anyone is interested I am sure they can google this (madison wisconsin traffic accident from Hel involving -- 100? cars). I am just going to post a short response I wrote just now on an email list I am on, and maybe write more about this later ... I was in a very bad auto accident last spring, this is starting to trigger me ...

I just got home from Madison, and would have been in the traffic from that mess last night if my rental car hadn't decided to have a problem with its window. I was on Park St., ready to get on the beltline, when I couldn't drive my car on the highway because the back window put itself down and refused to go back up no matter what I, or two of my friends, did. I had to call the car rental place and take the car to the airport via city streets, and switch it for a different car. While at the airport, the rental guy told me about the accident. I saw a lot of ambulances going both out to the beltline, and back in from it, while I was trying to get my car window fixed so I could get on the beltline.

In case one doesn't know Madison well, it was on 90/94 near the beltline where the police said it was a "five mile stretch which looks like a war zone". And, taking Park in from the beltline is the most direct emergency route for ambulances.

The papers also said Madison was completely fog-bound. And, I was getting ready to go right into it until the window mechanism broke!

The rental people say they have never heard of a window letting itself down and then refusing to go back up. Which could be standard rental car sales discourse, but somehow it does feel a bit out of the ordinary to me.

So, now I am home and happy. I haven't, however, read any news since I have been home -- the news I read last night said it was more like thirty cars. However, the car rental guy told me they were reporting 58 cars involved. So, now it is over 100???


glad to be home safe...
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