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Christmas Wisdom & Shameless Gift Request

I''ve been looking around and I've noticed a pattern. People are feeling terrible about the upcoming holiday..
Thier houses are not decorated enough,
Their relatives are not festive enough,
they themselves feel a lack of the joy they formerly felt , And
They can't afford to give the kids the wham bang amazing day they once had when they were little...

Let's start at the top.. Are you Trying? Are you doing the best you possibly can considdering everything, could anyone do better with the resources you have. Probably but not much. For Christmas I wish everyone would stop beating themselves up. My first wish... Do your best and let good enough be good enough... (Martha Stewart isn't coming, no one from national TV will be filming, You are fine) 

Simplify decorating so it's pleasant to see and not such a hassle to put up.. Out source it, Kids and spouces do great work even when it's bad it's good because it's not YOU! 

Relatives: Expect Less of them, Be super nice to them. Give them all the Compassion in the world... Assume that they are trying their best as well. Don't let it get you down if they act just like they always acted. That should be a given. If there is any improvement SAVOR it... It's a rare gift.

Your not feeling festive because you are not even nice to yourself.. Make your todo list, to doable and todo it and get it out of the way, give yourself space to relax sometimes, if you don't have it you will NOT feel festive, Festive and exhausted are mutually exclusive after all. So work on giving yourself a break, expecting less, and celebrate the little joys.. Make them grow, watered with gratetude.

About being poor and having kids you want to overwhelm with gifts. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. Your Mom went broke overwhelming you and now you are going broke trying to overwhelm your kids and then they will do it to their kids everyone's going broke and if you ask them this year what they got last year. It's a 50 50 shot they will remember at all. If they got less they will remember it more. I'd go with one small memorable thoughtful gift and then stuff they need anyway.. And then stop.. We are comercializing Christmas and Jesus would be tearing up the Temple again to get us to stop.. It's supposed to be his birthday after all. There's been studies done and people with Less are happier. Do not add to the horrid accumulation of un-neccesary gifts by buying way to much stuff you cannot afford..

I may not be like everybody and this IS in fact a request as well as a nice suggestion... What I would like from you for Christmas is a comment telling me why you think I am great. i will charish such comments and I will treasure them ever more.. That's what I want, Not a book or a Sweater (even though I love them) What I want is a nice note saying what you like about me.. There is a gift you can give without breaking the bank. Also since you are insanely busy... I will gladly except these notes all the way through the end of January.. So when you get a sec. And One more thing. Promise me you will not exhaust yourself and doom your holiday spirit, downsize the holiday, downsize the expectations you will be glad you did. 
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