beingwyrd (beingwyrd) wrote in _survivors_,


why aren't their moving videos on youtube about the horror's of living with having been abused/neglected as a child? no fundraisers for those of us who survive, mostly intact physically, but in a torment of fresh hell everyday despite meds and the therapy? just told to grow up and get over it. when most of us never learned anything about being a grown up except how to survive.

how many adults had to have known that we were mistreated? how many adults shirked it off onto the shoulders of the next adult to notice? why didn't someone stand the fuck up, grab us, take us to a safe place, and love us? hell, why didn't they just call an anonymous tip line? why couldn't the people i asked for help see that i needed it.

it's a rough night, obviously.  but we were worth helping, we didn't deserve it.

next kid you see, give them a big hug and tell them how special they are just for being them. chances are they probably need it.
Tags: abuse: child, motivation, venting
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