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I saw my therapist today. I told her about that weird mood swing that a had a lil over a week ago. That hypo mania that lasted for about a week... that week was awful! But anyway... she said concidering my family history, concidering I do usually have such violent mood swings... I probably am bp type 2. I get really bad depression, and then I get hypomanic every couple of months... I think. She wants me to start tracking my moods.

I got really depressed before that... or during that mood swing. I'm not too sure, it seems kinds like a blur. I wanted to cut SO F****** BAD!

So... I need to mmonitor my mood swings, figure out if they're getting too hard to handle. I may have to start mood stabilizers soon. 

I think it takes time for the diagnoses, but she wouldn't be surprised if I was bp2. ::sigh:: =( I'm not too happy about this. I thought I might be, but it's hard to adjust to the reality.

Did anyone else feel this way? Or am I the only one pouting?
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