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cut for dealing with schizophrenic friend; poverty; gossip; social anxiety

I am going nuts ... I am on the phone with a woman I know who is schizophrenic, and she will not shut up and I can't get off the phone without being really rude ... which I don't want to do, as she has so few friends as it is.

She is really poor and needs food. I am trying to provide her with the courage to go to the local food pantry. I am a new volunteer there, and went to a training program yesterday and then visited this friend after the training. So, she wanted to pick my brain for everything about the food pantry before going. I am ok with that, but she gets really, really weird and picky about everything! I can't answer all of her questions, but I have done my best.

Now, she is giving me all the gossip about the local library. But, she imagines so many things I don't know what is real, and what is not. I don't like to say that people make things up, but she has also gone off about me before, so I know she imagines things.

She just said I have "convinced her she can go without being insulted". And, she has finally agreed to hang up! Yea!

I wrote all of the above except the last paragraph) while listening to her. I don't think that is bad of me, because I am the *only* one in town who will listen to her!!!

I have to save my sanity in some manner. Now, I can go back to work.

I do hope she gets herself some food. Weird thing is -- as weird as this woman is, and I have dealt with a lot of weird people in my life, but this one is really, really near the edge of "too much for me" -- she is a public school teacher, working as a substitute in the special ed department. I think she is even more special than some of her students.

I don't mean to be mean, just realistic. I have to be careful not to get myself hurt while I try and help her. As I said, she does imagine things and has gone off once before about me. Since then, I have stayed very guarded with her.
Tags: hotline, venting
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