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MOD NOTE: my comments on asking for trigger-warnings


I am writing to address the subject of trigger-cuts. I have just come-on board as a new mod, and one of the main parts of my duties is to look for places were trigger-cuts would be helpful, and then ask for them to be provided.

The reason I am doing this is to keep the community safe for all. But, I don't want it to feel unsafe for someone if they get a trigger-warning. It is never intended personally.

Each time a post is made I take the time to read it as a whole, and feel the emotional essence of it. Then, I look through it carefully, line by line, to look for any possible triggers. Basically, I dissect each post.

Often, what is a trigger for one person is just background noise for a different person.

We all have different emotional soft spots, but my job is to try to remember all of them. While I appreciate consideration, I don't expect a writer who is in an emotional state to notice all the possible triggers, so please do not get concerned if I find one you miss and ask for it. However, I do appreciate a prompt reply when the post needs one, so if you could check your email a few hours or so after leaving a post that would be helpful.

I have found all of the people in this community whom I have met so far to be very considerate and caring people. But, we are here because we are hurting, and I do not want any of my actions as a mod to add to that hurting. So please, if you receive a trigger-warning, just fix the post (as everyone has done so nicely!)and don't worry.

You are a good person, you are just fortunate enough to not be triggered by that particular issue. Thank you.
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