vukatie06 (vukatie06) wrote in _survivors_,

tired of the harassment

I don't have time the energy for this right now. Why did he have to call again? Why won't he leave me alone? What does he want from me?

This guy Shawn called me again tonight. It's been a month since I heard from him... That time he called but I missed the phone call legitimately. I convinced myself it was an accident. But now he called again, I didn't take the call because I was in a meeting. But dear Lord... this is no accident! I told him to leave me alone in December. I told him to stop calling me. I told him to stop all this stuff, that I did NOT want to date him, that I did NOT want to see him again.

What is he doing? Why is he doing it? Why does he keep calling me? How do I make it go away? I don't even know his last name. I have a cell phone number and a first name (unless that was a lie too). That's it. I have a rough description of him and a rough description of his car. This is so tiring... why did he have to go and call me again? Why is he playing with me?

This is not normal. This is not happening. I don't have the energy to do this again. He harassed me for two months already last semester... I thought it was over. I thought I was free. Then the fluke phone call... now another... which means these aren't flukes. I don't like this. My gut is going into triple knots... it doesn't like this. I don't mean to be paranoid... but I'm freaking out.

What does he want from me? And why won't he leave me alone?!?!?
Tags: stalking

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