leeoakfire (leeoakfire) wrote in _survivors_,

Poetry, small child custody trigger at end

A place to breathe
to stop the why
to heal again
before I cry.

prelude to "Forever Dreaming"

* * *

"Forever Dreaming"

I long to lay myself down
in a bed of clover
with blue sky above
silhouetting trees
in long lines against
the horizon.

To smell the grass,
a wift of breeze brings
flower messages.
Peaceful and serene
a bobwhite answers
as they pass their tales of love
to each other.

The cornstalks call me,
the berries ripen.
I rise and run
long brown hair streaming
behind me, following me.

I find my spot,
my hidden brook,
it bubbles over rocks
as I pause to drink.

The country sounds,
the country air.
My soul returns
to childhood places.

Lee, 04-05-85; copyright Linda Ellen

(I wrote this three days after my four-year-old was taken from me. On Monday he is moving back out of my house after having lived here for three years; he is moving half-way across the country. We are at peace with each other, and I am excited for his new journey.)
Tags: poetry/prose

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