uneasy_nights (uneasy_nights) wrote in _survivors_,

So yesterday I was walking downtown like I do every freaking day and there's this group of guys on the side of the street. I was about to walk into them, so I moved and this guy reaches out and puts his hand around my waist. I shook him off and kept walking. And I just kept walking. I was so increadibly freaked out. I was shaking and I couldn't take deep breaths. It was SO scary. I walked around downtown by myself for a while because I didn't want to go home while I was this upset. I'm still kind of upset. I hate when stupid shit like this happens and freaks me out.

Then, a friend and I decided to go to the movies, which calmed me down a lot. We went to see Resident Evil: Extinction, which was bad ass, but there was a rape trigegr at the very beginning that I thought I would post. There's a part whent the main character is in this building and she's been ambushed by this group of people. Then, a man advances on her like he's going to try to rape her, but then she kills him.
Tags: inappropriate touching, triggers: television/movies
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