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More poetry

I dedicate this poem to all those "healthy" people who have treated me like the "other". I really, really love this poem!

cut for depression; loss of virginity; talk of suicide

Be Careful Baby, Be Careful -- Dory Previn

Be careful baby, be careful, use caution at what you see
If I look unsure and I act insecure, that's the most dangerous part of me
You're not dealing now with no mere winner
Someone who's never learned how it feels to take a fall
You're dealing in me with a loser and that's the strongest opponent of all
So be careful baby, be careful, what words and what weapons you choose
Beware of tangling with underdogs, with someone who's got nothing to lose
There's nothing I've got left on this earth that's worth saving
My soul, myself, my vanity, my sanity, my god! my lord!
My precious virginity, I lost to a student of divinity, one ludicrous night in the back seat of a second-hand Ford

Kick a person when she's up and you can break her spirit, you know
But kick a person when she's down and all you'll break is your toe

There's nothing I haven't endured or encountered in my dauntless, desperate down-hill trip
I swallowed pride, I swallowed opinions, I swallowed pollution, I swallowed pills, I lost my license, I lost my luggage and I lost my grip
So be careful cuz I'll survive in spite of you
I'll survive, in spite of me, which is a much harder thing to do

And hey, someday when you're no longer a winner and you've burnt your tongue on the taste of defeat
Perhaps a day will come again in another time, in another life when the two of us will meet
And then you'll descend to my level
We'll lie side by side in the dirt
And you'll expose your scars to me and we'll agree how it feels to be hurt
And after you've shown me your bruises
And your heart that beats lost, abandoned and wrecked
Then I will bow to my equal and then I will show you...

Copyright: Words and Music by Dory Previn Performed at Carnegie Hall, April 18th, 1973

Previously Unrecorded and as far as I know, her last recorded song.
Tags: poetry/prose

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