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Healing after sexual abuse - DVD and book recomendation

I thought this would be worth sharing here because although I haven't read/watched the material, I thought it could be of some use to others.

Note: The rest of the recomendations behind the link are for porn and similar.

"This is the first time I've put a non-explicit video on my site, but I feel that the new film produced by SIR Video, Healing Sex: The Complete Guide to Sexual Wholeness is one of the most sexually important films of our lifetimes. This groundbreaking video is a must-see for anyone (or if you know anyone) who has survived a brush with sexual abuse or sexual trauma in their lives -- incest, abuse, rape and more. Based on her workshops, somatic sessions and her amazing book The Survivor's Guide to Sex, Staci Haines steers this docudrama of examples taken from sessions with real-life men and women who have begun the journey of sexual healing. What sets this video apart from any other therapy or advice about recovering from sexual abuse is that its focus is on healing and creating a happy and healthy sex life as part of the process. In addition, the production values are so high, this video could easily win awards, and be shown anywhere.

We start our meeting six men and women in Haines' workshop and follow each as they learn to cope with reactions to sex such as fight, flight, freezing and disassociation -- and heal. Each situation is presented in a "not a perfect case scenario" context, making the outcomes realistic and authentic, and Haines includes many somatic exercises throughout the video for survivors to try at home -- and tells you what to do when the exercises don't work. The range of topics is astounding, including erectile difficulties, substance abuse, no interest in sex, when healing happens at different rates in relationships, and advice for partners of survivors of abuse. Directed by Shar Rednour."

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