roseyposey01 (roseyposey01) wrote in _survivors_,

I'm not about to live with this.

My dad has so much rage, so much anger, so many unresolved issues with his family and his life that he takes it out on us. He yells, he screams. He almost seems bipolar sometimes, the way he goes from extreme happiness to extreme anger or frustration in the span of a minute - almost daily.

He's paranoid. The other night my aunt said something to piss him off and when my brother agreed he told my mom he thought it was because they had talked about it beforehand and had basically "conspired against him" to make him upset.

He thinks that he says things that we should all get and understand. Like when he told my brother and me that he wanted to move the old entertainment center from upstairs to the garage today. Then I see him throwing a fit and trying to carry the entertainment center down the stairs all by himself. He's scratching up himself and the wall. We didn't even know he wanted to do that until about a minute before then, and my brother was going to help him as soon as he got out of the bathroom. Well, I go to help him and he yells at me not to. He drags it all along the floor and outside, scratching the floor all along the way.

He comes back in and we're trying to reason with him, to talk to him. To make him realize that he never actually said WHEN he wanted to move it, just that he wanted to do it today. I try to reason with him, he yells at me. He yells at my mother. I try going upstairs but he blocks my way and just keeps yelling. I tell him that if he hates this family so much he should just leave. He asks me why I just don't leave. So I do.

Now I'm back, an hour later. I don't know what to do. If he doesn't go to therapy or get some help, I can't stay here. I have enough trouble taking care of my own mental health. I don't need this. I just don't know where I'll go.

My mother's told me that if he doesn't change she's going to leave him after my brother and I are finished with college. But I'm not supposed to tell him that, obviously.

Does anyone know the right way we should approach this? Would it be better if one person talked to him? He feels like we gang up on him so often that I feel like if the 3 of us approached him, he'd be very resistant. What should I do?
Tags: abuse: verbal, confronting abuser, manipulation

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