Haullie Free (haulliefree) wrote in _survivors_,
Haullie Free

punjabi domestic violence resource needed

Hello My Friends,

I have something very important I would like to ask. Does anyone know of any resources in the southern California area around Bakersfield, Visalia, Tulare, Porterville areas that can help Punjabi Indian women who have been through Domestic Violence? I have a friend who is in desperate need of legal help and support in her healing and there just doesn't seem to be anywhere to go for help. I have searched all over the internet but I don't seem to be finding any kind of possible resource for her. She can't drive very far, so it has to be within these cities or around those cities at least. It's so sad that there doesn't seem to be much for the Punjabi community because they need people who speak their native tongue to make the legal process easier. Her husband gets away with everything because he knows english better and she can't hardly explain to the psychologists what is going on, they don't believe her. He is a BIG TIME manipulator. But that's all I am allowed to say about the situation. She realy needs help though, if anyone has any kind of number I could call or web site I would be so very much appriciated. Even if it's just a web site to contact someone else who might be able to help her, that would be a huge help. thanks so much everyone. much love!

Love, Haullie

Tags: domestic violence, resources

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