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I am going to put this behind a cut for the talk of rape of a family member, boyfriends and I's situation, cheating, and need of help.

So first of all I want to thank you guys for recomending the other community. I did join one and they have been a good help.
Now the story...My boyfriend has extremely twisted sex fantasies and has always been twisted when it comes to sex in its entirety. Now we're never had sex, and i've only been with one person..So it scares me that i'm not going to be as great as I should, or what he wants. He's mentioned before that he should see a doctor because his twistedness comes from what happened...But until today he would never tell me what happened. He said he had never told ANYONE and would like to keep it that way, so Irespected it and left it alone. But today (on the verge of our break up) he decides to explain. And it turns out that his own sister raped him when he was only nine. So now normal sex feels wrong to him.

What do I do to help him...or to keep him at all?
Tags: abuse: incest, abuse: sibling

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