browncoatrebel (browncoatrebel) wrote in _survivors_,

Reflections on Strength

We talk a lot about strength here, and I've been thinking about it a lot my own self.

I don't usually think of myself as a strong person; honestly, it makes me feel uncomfortable when someone tells me I'm strong or courageous. I feel to broken and fragile to believe that.

But last night it hit me that strength doesn't always mean being unshakable. Shakiness, uncertainty, and mistakes all come with being a person.

Strength comes in being able to say, "I screwed up bad. I don't see the way out right now, but I know there is one, and I will find it." Strength comes in looking into the face of problems that seem insurmountable and saying, "I have survived things much worse than you. I refuse to allow you to tear me apart." Strength comes in fighting when it would be much easier to give up. Strength comes in choosing hope, over and over, when it seems an exercise in futility. Strength come in acknowledging the fear, respecting it, and going ahead anyway. Strength comes in getting up day after day when everything seems too bad to ever get better and in waiting for the day when things will get better.

Just wanted to share that with all the strong people here.
Tags: inspirational
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