shadowkat3 (shadowkat3) wrote in _survivors_,


My friend chloe didn't make it out of the coma she'd slipped into after being in a car wreck. 

Her brother just called me and told me. He was with her all night as things got worse.

I've known chloe since the 5th grade, since we moved down to texas. we had planned to go through the art program at our high school together, and all sorts of things. She has always been always better at sculpting than me. I prefer painting and drawing. She's a Play Doh nerd. she has an icon that said that, we made it.
She had the icon, i guess. 

I don't know what to do and don't have anyone to talk to, really. Matt's at work and will be all day.

I feel numb and cold and like i'll never be cheerful again

i dont know what to do

Tags: death, friendships

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