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This links to an article discussing a rape case and banning of virtually all terminology related to rape and sexual assault.

Just Keep Your Mouth Shut.
EDIT: The judge declared a mistrial.

I'm absolutely enraged by this case. Words have incredible power, and one of the most important parts of my healing is being able to put into words what was done to me. Rape is a crime of domination, and victims are often threatened with further harm if they talk.

The criminal justice system is supposed to free survivors from that. It is supposed to make it safe for us to tell the truth about what was done to us.

This...this is absolutely inexcusable. As soon as I get calmed down enough that every other word I think isn't a profanity, I'm going to write this judge a letter. I'd love to have a bunch of us here write letters--maybe we could coordinate an effort? Anyone else with me?
Tags: abuse in the news, legal, use of the word rape
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