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I don't think it will trigger anyone...but I'm going to put it behind a cut anyways. Possible trigger for running away from an unknown attacker...
I've had this dream many many times....and I had it again last I thought I would write it down on here...

I'm running through this wooded area...I can't see what I'm running from...all I know is if I stop and he catches me I will die. So I'm running...and I trip over someone I know from school...I start jumping up and down in front of her screaming...but she can't hear me. I try to grab a hold of her...and I go right through her. Suddenly he's getting really close to I take off running again. I trip over someone else I knew from school...and repeat the whole process of trying to get them to help me...and he starts getting real close I start running. I do this about 6 times...and then I'm through the woods...and into a clearing. I see someone that I love dearly in the middle of the field...and I try to run to them...but I'm not getting any closer to them. She starts walking towards me...and she walks right by me not hearing me or seeing me. I stop where I am...and he catches me. Before I can see who he is...I wake up.

When I wake up I'm scared out of my mind...I have no clue what to do...I'm swinging my arms trying to get free from this guy. When I open my eyes I realize that I'm in my bed...
I don't know what the dream means or anything like that...I just needed to get it off my chest. I really hope I don't have the dream again tonight.
Tags: nightmares

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