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Common sense home safety tips

I was posting this in another community but realised some of you might like some of these ideas.
common crime prevention stuff for the home includes things like ...

lighting... motion detector lights are good deterants and not very expensive
noise - gravel paths and under windows, noisy difficult to latch/unlatch gates, squeaky floorboards etc... make it hard to sneak
visibility - reducing places to hide when approaching break and enter places - lower hedges and fences around the front of the property will allow people to see in - giving greater visibility, reducing ability to sneak in
going away stuff like mail, milk, papers, rubbish bins in and out etc.
dogs - motion sensor and dog barking recordings can work. dog bowl and toys scattered in the yard (even without the dog) etc.
decoys - stickers saying the house is alarmed, alarm strobe light or panels etc mounted.
Door privacy peepholes, door visitor security chains, or best... a locked security door. Window locks, window screens etc. Simple lengths of dowling or wood in the runners of sliding doors and windows lock very well.
If someone bangs on your door, and you answer it.. you can suggest other people are in the house by a casual call over your shoulder as you approach the door 'it's ok john, i've got the door' or similar... pretend someone else is there. Never let unknowns in your house, and if in doubt, don't answer... call through that you have a cold/flu/chicken pox etc and that you think they should try next door because you don't want to give it to them etc....

Basically get street smart, plan to make your place less attractive, easy and accessible than others... through simple measures...

Any other ideas (there is probably heaps and heaps) are welcome too :)
Tags: safety, self-defense
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