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still surviving..

i'm 20/f. a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (by various people), also emotional abuse, a witness of family violence (childhood), verbal abuse and criticism. i am still struggling to overcome all that its made me become. i have never known who 'I' am..never had a voice of my own. always afraid of rejection. i have a fear of people, mostly men. i don't do good in social situations and do not have friends. i basically have a lot of mental health issues that make everyday very hard to keep breathing...BUT..i am still breathing...amazingly..i deal with depression, ocd tendencies, ptsd, anorexia, self-injury, dissociative disorders, generalized anxiety, social phobia and a bit of agoraphobia..they all go on and off..i never know wut i'm going to deal with when i wake up in the morning..makes life..even more short, that is a bit about me...
Tags: abuse: csa, abuse: emotional, abuse: verbal, agoraphobia, anxiety, depression, dissociation, eating disorder, family, introductions, obsessive compulsive disorder, ptsd, self-injury

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