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So in my latest escapade of hand-drawing, I did some stuff, calmed down, and then started looking at what I actually drew.

I can see where the fireworks came from - July 4th. These lyrics are from one of my favorite songs - and it's on the CD in my car.

But ... why in the hell did I draw a celtic woad eye and spiral? [if you can't tell, the eye is crying tears into a vase, which is overflowing and watering grass, and the tears turn into the spiral. bwa?]

Seriously, where did that come from? I know sistahraven said she used to draw on herself, and there's probably others, but what I'm wondering is - am I different for not knowing what I'm drawing until after I'm done and calmed down? While I'm doing it 99% of the time I don't realize what I'm actually creating on my skin, but it's gotta be coming from somewhere...
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