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60 to 0 in no time at all. 
5th-Jul-2007 09:57 pm
Road rage, just screaming and tailgaiting...okay and my profanity *oops*

Last night I invited my little sister to come driving with me and see some fireworks. There's a road I drive when i'm upset or need to think...Sometimes the speed limit is 55 and sometimes it's 30 for the next 3 miles because there's such tight corners...It's comforting because there's never many people on it, and instead of racing, it's peaceful...usually. It takes you through a mini town and you end up in Centralia which is south of here and surprisingly pretty small compared to Olympia or Lacey...
Around the sharp corners we were probably going near 50, which is fine because the corners really are not that bad, and I wouldn't drive stupid with my little sis in the car. But for some reason this chick wanted to be funny and kept getting as close to me as should could, so...I break checked her. Then she tried it again (let me mind you she has had PLENTY of chances to pass me on the straight stretches) only this time, she puts on her brights. So at about sixty miles an hour, I drop everything and stop the car within a matter of seconds. By the time her car finishes it's screeching halt, about...4-5 inches away from mine...I'm already out of my car and about to beat the living shit out of her. I've never seen someone back their car up so freakin fast as i'm sitting here "YOU NEED TO BACK THE FUCK UP OR I'M GOING TO BEAT YOUR FUCKING ASS YOU STUPID BITCH!" Then she ran, only...My honda vs. her Kia...I caught back up to her within seconds, and, road her ass and imagine this, BRIGHTED HER! She just happened to get real upset and try break checking me just as I did her, only problem was I wasn't tail gaiting so it didn't do her any good. After a few miles of her being mortified that I was following her home...I pulled over to get gas. :)

I know what came over me this time. My little sister. She told me the lady behind us was scaring her. Granted my little sister is 13, she would have been okay, but still...She was scared none the less and that's not how I wanted our fourth to be. When I got out of my car, all I could think about was that bitch hitting us, or something happening and my little sister getting hurt. I could NEVER live with that. I couldn't be the one knowing she got hurt, or died because of me, when she was under MY supervision. So...I went crazy on the potential person who could have done just that.

Don't mention guns, it's a small mini hick town where they don't believe in them for anything other than hunting.
6th-Jul-2007 03:56 am (UTC)
Hon, I understand the road rage, I really do. It's hard not to get angry at the way some of the idiots out there drive. Yet the example you set for your little sister was not a very good one, and actually was potentially just as scary as what the woman behind you did. My father used to let his anger take control of him while driving, and he would do similar stuff to what you did. It was always scary, each time, though I never said anything to him. I've even done similar in the past, though I'm working on not letting that anger take control of me so much when I drive.

What you did was very dangerous, more so than what the woman initially did to you. What I do, when someone is being such a jerk to me, is I slow way down, and let them ride my tail. I do it not only because it pisses them off, but also because it decreases the chances of a bad accident. Some people will actually back off when I slow down that much, others are too stupid to get the hint. I just let the stupid ones stew, until they go around me of their own accord.

Each time I've let my anger allow me to use my brights on someone, while tailgating them in return, I've come away from it feeling worse about myself than I do about them. It also isn't worth the potential dangers to engage in that sort of road rage. Ultimately, nobody wins, and the risks are just too great.

I'm also disturbed at your mention of guns. Are you implying that you believe carrying a gun would help you intimidate someone in such a circumstance? If that is the case, let me tell you that it's a really, really bad idea. Not only can it quickly escalate an already dangerous situation by astronomical proportions, but it can also land you in tons of legal trouble. A gun is not to be played with, and is not to be used lightly, or as a weapon against another unless it is a matter of life and death. Road rage is not necessarily a matter of life and death, though brandishing a gun unnecessarily can make it so.

If at any point you feel you must carry a gun, please make sure to check on what the laws in your state are. If they allow you to carry concealed, make sure you follow the legal protocol for obtaining your concealed weapons permit. It is worthwhile to take a class, both to learn the legal aspects of carrying and using your weapon, but also to familiarize yourself with how to handle and use a gun, period. It's worthwhile to become familiar with guns, if only to learn how to treat them with the healthy respect that handling them demands.

6th-Jul-2007 04:39 am (UTC)
No I meant no one needing to tell me the situation was dangerous because SHE could have had a gun...I'd kick her ass anyways.

...and I did apologize to my sister for what I did.
6th-Jul-2007 06:14 am (UTC)
I understand that feeling, Road rage is common with a lot of people... I have a lot of it as well which can get pretty bad! That women sounds like a real idiot... glad it all ended safely:):D
Hope you had a great 4th!:)
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