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Doctor visit today. What can I expect when I ask for anti-depressants? My therapist has a letter for me to give to my Dr. with my diagnosis and crap like that, so it's not just me going "Hi u giv meds plz", but what can I reasonably expect the reaction to be?

Will they look for one specific med, or will they try more than one? Is ... is there any kind of stigma associated with asking for help so I can stop this spiral I've been in? Will they try and "upsell" me to a specialist? Not the right word, I know, but it's the best I know. I already have a therapist and the only problem is that she can't prescribe meds.

I'm trying to tear this mask off and tell myself that asking for help isn't being weak it's being strong, but ... there's 22 years of "training"telling me that I'm failing for asking for help, that I'm not being strong, that I'm a horrible person, etc etc. Are there any tricks you all know to help with this?

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