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Did it. Had my first visit with a new therapist last night.
When he asked if I remembered what therapists I'd seen before and when i couldn't answer...Told him I had serious dissociative issues. But he seemed to ask all the right questions. And I felt comfortable with him so that helped. My girlfriend volunteered to go with me and wait until it was over. I was nervous beforehand. it was obvious so she kept trying to calm me down. Didn't help that I didn't know where the hell his office was so that made me more nervous. (Hate not knowing where I'm going when I'm driving!) But after I felt better. Well, not better. But tired and a little hopeful that he can help. So we'll see. Gonna be going every week. Which oughta be fun. Driving almost 45 minutes away, and paying a $50 co pay each visit. But if it helps me remember, and deal, then I'm more than willing....Just exhausted nowadays. Between my mother's losing her wallet and having car issues and my sister having the surgery and needing some help getting to the store and doc appt.s I've been taxi and listener, and it's damn hard work! I'm done. For the rest of the week. No more being there for everyone else. Just gonna crash with my girlfriend and work and not think too much. Yeah, sounds like a plan. Hopefully it'll happen that way....
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