Laura (martialarts4lyf) wrote in _survivors_,

We all need some inspiration.

I doubt any of you remember me, but this group has helped me so much in the past. I haven't been on live journal for ages, and my profile desperately needs to be updated.

My name's Laura. I've been lucky, I feel, with my abuse. It wasn't as bad as some of you guys. But, abuse effects us all in the same way, and there isn't a level to abuse in actuality. Abuse is what it is... abuse.

No one deserves to go threw it, and it's no one's fault. You are all wonderful people and you need to learn to hold your heads high again. You guys will get through this, and thing will be ok.

Dispite what you've irrationally rationalised in your head, it will NEVER, EVER go away. It is a memory. It is a memory, that's all it is. The memory won't hurt you anymore if you won't let it.

I want to leave you guys with two quotes.

This first one I stole from a member who wrote it on her hand. I found it too inspiring to leave on the computer.

"From weakness is strength. From pain is beauty. From victim to victor. SURVIVOR."

Then, this one a friend quoted on me when I was leaning on my unfortunate events like a crutch.

"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional"

You're all wonderful, strong, inspiring people! Keep fighting. It takes all the warriors to fight to win the war. =)
Tags: inspirational
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