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So...I've been "hanging out" and I suppose you could say somewhat "seeing" my personal trainer for the past couple days...We saw a movie, went walking, and hung out with his friend Jamie...
But...A month or so ago I had been talking to another guy named Tyler (my trainer's name is Brian) only...I lost my numbers when my phone died so me and Tyler stopped talking. And...after we stopped talking I met Brian. Well last night Brian calls and asks if I wanna come hang out and watch a movie with him and the guys...and it just so happens that instead of Jamie being at the apt, it was TYLER! It was a HORRIFICLY akward beginning but turned out unexpectadly...

"The story"
So I showed up around six. Tyler, Brian and I went to the pool but only Tyler swam. Then they played basketball and I sat on the side because I was in flip flops and pj's. (I know, good first impression!) Then...we all ended up going back to the apt. Brian started laundry, and Tyler went in the other room, while I sat in the living room watching whatever it was that was on tv at the time haha. They ended up wanting mcdonalds so I said i'd drive if someone agreed to go walking with me...So...Tyler ended up agreeing to go since Brian was "tired". We went walking about a mile and a half, and it was the time of my life...I was in pj's and no make up and ugly hair and still...we had so much fun. He hugged me and we talked about everything and I told him I felt more compatible with him and that i'd like to get to know him more, but one I didn't want to cause drama and two, I didn't want to hurt brian's feelings. So we worked things out and left for mcdonalds. In the car we messed around playing karaoke and he held my hand. He asked if we could hang out tomorrow, and when it was time to leave he said "I had alot of fun, and i think you did too but you're trying to hide it by being tough"...DAmn. He totally busted me out on that one. So I laughed and he kissed me hand and said goodbye.

We talked to Brian about everything and he said it's all good. I'm excited...but I am pretending it's all a dream so if things don't work out then i'll know i'm just waking up and ill be okay :)
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