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I got a letter from the DA's office the other day. And I don't know how to fill out the "Victim Impact Statement" thing they sent me.

Well, ok, I have an idea, but I don't know what kind of language is acceptable. I mean, if you want to have the immediate gut reaction, fine - I'm devastated, depressed, skittish, untrusting, etc etc. But can I just write it like that, or does it have to be in some form of legalese or other beaurocratic language?

Same with the sentencing considerations. I know what he got from OUR system, and it wasn't much [the phrase "slap on the wrist" comes to mind] and I want to incorporate that, but how do I do that without sounding vindicative? Again, do I need to phrase things a specific way, or do I just let it all go?


I don't really know what to say, honestly. I was on break last night and just putzing around in the computer systems and found the shift change log for That Week. Being ... curious and morbid or whatever, I read it and found out He got a rather puny "punishment" for what He did to me. And now I'm wondering if that's normal and how in the hell they thought that was sufficient? A month in orientation. Come ON! New intake spend at least SIX WEEKS there, and he was sent back for assault, you morons! I just ... don't have any words that describe how I'm feeling. And that's so damn frustrating since I write a lot, and having control over what I say/how I say it and/or think it is so important to me. I feel like I'm losing control if I can't put something into words.

But yeah. This is just rather devastating. I almost broke down right there... knowing he got a wrist slap and nothing else. At least the DA is probably [read: most likely. what's it mean when an assaulter is already in custody and they've issued a warrant?] going to prosecute, which means I'll at least get some closure.
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