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Episode 3: "The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don't Live at All"

This season is certainly getting stranger and more serious.

Oh, those wacky Reward Challenges! Yesterday's task required the tribes to race to build a replica of an archaeological-site tent. A "caller" on each team was to direct blindfolded teammates to the necessary building supplies, scattered around a pyramid's base. As the searchers were working in close quarters and were tied together (in pairs, if I recall correctly), it wasn't easy. Once all items were returned to a building site, the Survivors yanked their blindfolds and just raced to assemble the tents; each one included a tarp, ropes, and plenty of interlocking poles. Nakum schooled its foes yet again, picking up the welcome Reward of mats, pillows, and blankets.

I also cheered at the sight of the "court ball" concept getting its due, as last night's Immunity Challenge. (On the other hand, it seemed a little early to unveil such a major, recognizable feature of the game's Mayan theme.) Play was 3v3, with male/female proportions changing after each point scored. True to the Mayan form, the ball had to be launched through one of 3 vertical rings about the size of a basketball hoop; the teams had their own rings to target. Players in each team were chosen randomly, as long as the current sex-composition rule was obeyed. Better still, this game was held on a large mesh net, and the Survivors were tumbling, scrambling, and struggling most of the time. The player holding the ball was not to run with it; Lydia forgot that and was called for traveling, surrendering the ball. Jeff also noted that it was damn hot out there (about 114 degrees, I think). Yaxha couldn't close the deal with its 5-3 loss, and Brianna got owned at Tribal Council in a 7-1 sweep! Stephenie is clearly getting tired of that...

QUICK VICTORY STATS... chronological order:
[Nakum (R1), Yaxha (I1)] [Nakum (R2), Nakum (I1)] [Nakum (R3), Nakum (I3)] percentage:
Nakum has won 83.333% of total, 100% of rewards(!), and 66.667% of immunities.
Yaxha has won 16.667% of total, 0% of rewards(!), and 33.333% of immunities.
As always, you can get the official and richly detailed 3rd-episode recap on the CBS website.
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