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WARNING: I just don't like Stephenie

Well, Season 2 of The Stephenie Show Season 11 of Survivor is finally here. Even though I don't have much to judge by yet, I'm going to talk about the contestants because it's fun.

I support Nakum, so I'm going to do them first.

Blake: What's the deal with this guy? He got hit with some thorns, and all of a sudden he can't breathe? What about Jim, who tore his bicep? He can breathe, but Blake can't. Blake's getting on my nerves, but as long as he isn't Stephenie, he's ok.

Brandon: He's my new favorite. I really like his confessionals, they're better than anybody else's. He's also the only guy on Nakum that isn't about to drop dead. I want him to stay.

Brooke: Alright, here's what I think about Cindy and Brooke. They both seem sweet, and could
easily steal the America's Sweetheart title from Stephenie, so that's why Steph was put on Yaxha and
they weren't. Back to the point...haven't really seem enough of Brooke yet to make an opinion of her, she seems nice and that's it.

Cindy: We saw a lot more of her than I thought we would, and she seems cool enough. She's in the running for the Survivor Princess title, so I hope she kicks out Steph.

Danni: Jeff Probst seemed to be thrilled about her before the show started, but she was barely even in the premiere, other than falling in the boat during the challenge.

Jim: Ehh. No opinion, he only lasted one episode and gave us no personality while he was there.

Judd:He looks like a cartoon character, and he's afraid of showing us his balding head. Always got the buff or the hat...

Margaret:She'll make it to the merge, because Nakum will all die without her. Oh, nevermind, they are all dying anyway. She's doing what she can though, I hope she goes far.

Bobby Jon:This is even worse than the Outcast twist. It would have been much better to bring back Wanda and Jonathan, but nooooooo. I loved BJ last season, but he hasn't really done anything great this time. I hope he gets better so that I can love him again.


Amy: Amy who? Oh yeah, she's the one who made sure Nakum won the Reward. I like her for that.

Brian:I liked the little bits we got to see of him. Other than the Stephenie Fanclub part at the beginning, he was pretty cool. I don't think he's a quitter, and that's good.

Brianna:If I cried after getting Steph on my tribe, it would be tears of sadness, not joy. With Steph on my tribe, I don't get any screen-time. Same goes for Brianna, so no opinion yet.

Gary:He's alright. I think he's delusional though. Even if he was an NFL QB, they would keep him around for challenges. Wait, nevermind. This is the Stephenie Show, and she voted out all the strong people last time, it only makes sense that she screws up her tribe again.

Jamie:I like him. Why? On Survivor Insider, it showed a Steph confessional, and his laziness makes her mad. GO JAMIE!

Lydia:See Amy, and shorten her by 2 feet.

Morgan:She carries corn on her head, AND she's a contender for the Let's Overthrow Saint Stephenie contest. So far, so cool.

Rafe:He knows the game, but his comments are pretty pointless. Just a cheerleader.

Stephenie: *rolls eyes and leaves*

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