Episode 3: "The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don't Live at All"

This season is certainly getting stranger and more serious.

Oh, those wacky Reward Challenges! Yesterday's task required careful eyes, a lot of trust, and a keen sense of detail.Collapse )

I also cheered at a mostly familiar sight, which had a mostly familiar result.Collapse )

QUICK VICTORY STATSCollapse ) As always, you can get the official and richly detailed 3rd-episode recap on the CBS website.

Episode 1

Ok... so now that we have seen the first episode, anyone want to take a guess as to who is going to go all the way? I am a bit undecided yet as to who I think will win, but I think Gary, Brooke, Danni, and Judd have the best chance right now but I haven't narrowed it down just yet.

Next to go... Rafe or Blake.

Anyone else thing it's totally corny and a jump-the-shark moment that we have to put up with BJ and Steph again... geez...