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Welcome to the Faramir Support Group! This little community came about on January 1st, 2004 because I felt that Faramir was not getting any love or as much love as he needed (since his father seemed to be an ass).

The community is open to anyone who is a fan of Faramir from the books or the movie Trilogy, or just a Lord of the Rings fan in general :) Discussion is of course welcome, but I ask that it be kept appropriate in content and civil. Also if you're an avid lover of making icons (such as I), those are most definitely welcome! The icons can be of anything LOTR related (if it was just Faramir ... options would be kind of limited, don't you think?)

Rules/Guidelines - updated/edited on 1/3/04 @ 11:32 pm EST
Now, before I post the first rule I need to explain myself. First off, I know that there is a wide slash fandom within the LOTR fandom and I respect that because I am a huge anime fan and see slash quite often (and enjoy it in anime). However, I am not a fan of slash within the LOTR fandom. I apologize to those who are, but I will ask that you:

1. Refrain from posting/discussing LOTR slash (and incestuous material - yes a friend has pointed out to me that she has seen LOTR incest) in the community. If you have a problem with this, I advise you not to join The Faramir Support Group community.

1b. After thinking a while, I probably figure that I've pissed off a fair amount of people with the first part of rule number one. So with that in mind, if members want to exchange slash, they can, but it cannot be posted in the community. Basically all you have to say if you want to exchange slash is, "Hey, I've got some slash if anyone is interested, comment and I'll comment it/link it in your journal." If anyone is confused on part b of rule 1, please let me know and I'll try and explain it better.

That done and said, onto rule numero two...

2. Please respect and be civil to all members.

3. When posting screencaps and other images, please if it is possible, credit and link to the site where you found the screencaps/images. But do NOT direct link. Just post the main site page.

If there are problems with following the rules, I will give the person[s] three warnings before disposing of them.

This community is very new and therefore doesn't have much to speak of so I ask that you bear (bare?) with me while I build content. I will be creating a community icon, once I can get my hands on some quality Faramir images (if anyone knows where I may find some, please comment in my LiveJournal).

Maintainer: Erin (haldir03)