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I thought I'd share my Faramir/Eowyn story now that I've completed it (after a year or so...)

And my apologies if I've just spammed your friends lists. I didn't realize I belonged to so many Faramir groups.

It is a Houses of Healing fic. Movie Verse heavily influenced by the books.

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Wow, people still post here? I thought this place was dead! XD I guess that is not the case, which I'm very glad of ^^ Delayed welcome to all newcomers and to the rest of you... you can all stone me because I'm a bad Mod lol ^^; But! There is one thing I'd like to ask everyone. Since I think it's an appropriate time as I'm sure most of us has had a chance to see ROTK Extended Edition, what did you all think of the EE Faramir scenes?

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I Want Gondor Boys For Christmas!

I've been buying art from Liz Kovacs for a while. The picture above is her planned group of art paper dolls from Lord of the Rings. But, alas, only Aragorn, Legolas, Arwen and Eowyn are available at the moment.

If you are interested in getting the finished sets, or in writing to Liz and convincing her that there is indeed a market for Boromir and Faramir, the details, link and a much bigger picture are available in my journal

I have no interest or affiliation with Liz,other than promoting art when I can. I just really want a chance to buy them myself.
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new story

A new story:
written by fileg and faramir_boromir

Faramir and Boromir work together to insure that someone is sent on the quest for Faramir's dream.
written for a challenge at Henneth Annun

rating: G
type: Gen
pairing: none

disclaimer: Tolkien invented them, we just love them and wanted more
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Hi! I am new and looking for friends with similar interests. I love the character Faramir and David Wenham. I just bought the movie, Dust, which him in it. Has anyone seen it? What do you think? Oh! I can't wait for the special addition of Return of the King. I am hoping there are more scenes with Faramir.
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I just have to say... Faramir is a Sex Machinnnnne!

Ha. AND a fictional character, but with LOTR you never really can tell... Hi I'm Charlotte I just joined this because it rocks forever and I am totally in love with Faramir and/or David Wenham.

gee that sounds very fangirly. Ah well, he's only... 20 years older than I.

Yeah, Faramir is cool, I liked him a lot in the novels, and he was much different in the films, but sexy old David can certainly cause me to forget about staying true to the text.
Okay, peace out kids, I look forward to reading more....
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hey im new hear i hope you dont mind hearing from me

i've been wanting to say sooooooo badly


(pardon my spelling im typeing fast ans its dark in the room im in )

well thats all i wanted to say for now T.T.F.N

o, yeah I LOVE FARAMIR i can totaly relate
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Community Updates

I'll be tweaking the guidelines when I have the time today to include discussion and chat of David's other works/projects he's been involved. I know the community isn't very active and I feel bad about that since I'm terrible at trying to come up with "topics" - any suggestions would be helpful and appreciative (perhaps a monthly icon contest? *shrugs*). Anyway... some updates will be forthcoming this week.
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Hi!! Я хочу сказать спасибо за эту общину! Я люблю Faramir в книге. Но я думаю Faramir неправильно было интерпретировано и
портретировано в пленке...Faramir не было тем злом к Sam и Frodo, да? Но Давид Wenham сделал большую работу!
На Понедельнике, Я имею русское испытание. Так я практикую теперь... но я переведу для людей не знают русского. Bye!

(translated into English)

Hi !! I want to say thanks for this community! I love Faramir in the book. But I think Faramir was incorrectly interpreted and portrayed in the
film...Faramir not was that evil to Sam and Frodo, yes? But gorgeous David Wenham made great work!
On Monday, I have a Russian test. So I practice now... but I will translate for people who do not know Russian. Bye!

p.s I know my Russian is very bad...that's why I'm practicing!
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Faramir is my absolute favorite the books at least, and I admire him in the RotK movie and parts of the TTT movie.

I think if they don't have any Faramir/Eowyn scenes in the Extended Edition, I'll scream...or worse.