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Allies in Healing

Significant Others of Survivors

Supporters of Survivors
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This is a community for those in close relationships with survivors of abuse. This is a place where you can talk freely about your feelings and needs. This is a place where you can come when you need support. If you want advice, or have questions, this is this the place. If theres something about your your relationship you just need to get off your chest, thats fine too. Here, we understand.

This community is still in its infancy, so look for additions to the rules.
*This is a forum for supporters, not survivors. If you are a survivor, try some of the links below.
*Since this isn't a community for survivors, you don't need to worry about trggering someone with your posts.
*Make all entries friends only.
*Everyone has a right to privacy. Don't use last names or link to anyones journal other than your own.
*Trolling is not acceptable. If you appear to be instigating, you risk being banned.
*If it's worth saying, it's worth saying correctly. You don't have to type perfectly, but please try to stick with the rules of basic english.
*Keep posts on-topic. Don't spam us with pointless quizes or surveys. Ask the mod before promoting another community.

Relevant Websites
men united against sexual assault
counseling and education to stop domestic violence
Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship
coming home to a world without rape

LJ Communities for Survivors: