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Dork Street

where everybody knows... you're a dork

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Are you a dork? Nay, a SUPER dork?? Then this is your community.

Basically, we are all dorks, and the world will know. We set up this community to post all the dorky things we've done or that has happened to us. Every month (or 3 months, it seems) we have a new marathon for members to participate in (scroll down and that shalt be explained) So, we're outragous and crazy, and if you are too, join!

To Join:
1. You must be a dork.
2. It is helpful to be a super dork, rather than just a plain old dork, as you will be more respected.
3. After you have fully thought this through, and come to a very solid understanding that you are indeed a dork, click here: Join Community
4. Voila, you are now an official member of _superdork
5. Now you just need to introduce yourself. You can please fill out and post our little survey as an introduction, but please, feel free to introduce yourself in any kind of dory was you like!

The Survey
of which I spoke above

LJ User Name (and the meaning behind it):
Website ( if any- if so, please describe ):
How did you find us?:
Why are you a 'dork'?:
Who's the coolest moderator? ( hint: it's ninjarock )
Anything else?:

The current marathon:
#5- Hobbies!

We all have strange hobbies that have earned us the title of "Dork". Maybe you collect all the romance novels Fabio has ever written... or perhaps you like to take pictures of funny street signs. Do you enjoy organizing groups together to reenact civil war battles? Whatever it is that you like to do, tell us about it. Maybe you're not the only one!
Kicking if off this time around is yumeferret with Free Stuff and Random Pictures. Have fun and post a lot!!

Moderated by (in alphabetical order):
_theblackpearl, blackrosepetal

walkinlooove, & ninjarock

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