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As we count down the final weeks to the final Harry Potter release, I'd like to throw this out there for anyone living near the Portland, ME area:


That's right folks. For one day only, Portland's East End will be transforming into wizarding London. Ride the Hogwarts Express, Stroll down Diagon Alley, and last but not least, Pick up your Copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (and let's not forget the Yule Ball!)

It's going to be a fantastic time! I know I'm going to be there!!
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my not so wii conversation

ok first of all, i'm ellie(thats jsut my nickname but i'm not ready(and i don't trust you guys enough even thought you seem offically cool)yet i won't tell you my REAL name!) anyways,
my name is ellie
what makes me a totally dork and a 'loser of life' person is that i am continously quoting off anything that pops into my head. you may not reconize it but i find it hillarious only in my mind. it's dark in here we may die...ha, i did it again!
my story behind this totally awesome lj name is that when i was signing up, i wanted 'orangrificink' or something like that? and i liked this one better!! cause it rocks even harder!! i really like the animal crossing wild world game, fran(my ds) and mary(my gameboy advance) and amy(my cellphone) and leslie(my computer) which i think makes me really kinda weird and stuff like that. i name pratically everything. :D!! so yeha. i think thats all. oh yeah i have to tell you about my not so wii conversation
me: *hands the wifi usb connector the clerk dude at best buy*
clerk dude at best buy: ah a wii fan?
me: yes...*semi long pause* i'm mean no, i'm using it for my nintendo ds.
clerk dude: gonna battle with people all other the world?
me: yeah of course. *muttered* for $41 it better be good.
clerk dude: it's awesome!! you can talk to people from like china!!
my dad: *extremly confused* i have no clue what y'all are talknig about. it's like german to me
clerk dude: it's gamer talk
me: yeah dad gamer talk!!
as you can tell i love talking!! hehe one of my fave things to do!!
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hee hee hee

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one of my most favorite conversations ever happened today! I go to art school, and was in the artstore/cafe downstairs waiting for my coffee with my pal Brendan. All of the sudden the music comes on in the store, and we listen in silence for a couple moments.

Me: ...What videogame is this music from?
Brendan: I was just thinking the same thing!
Me: I know this music... this is gonna bother me.
Brendan: It's definately a Playstation game
Brendan: but which one?
Me: seven... NO NINE!
Cashier: yeah, it's nine, I own the soundtrack.
Me: yeah yeah! from the Worldmap!

(but wait, it gets better...)

Brendan: aw, this makes me wanna go home and start playing that again.
Cashier: yeah, I gave up about halfway through. I got stuck and couldn't beat the monster in that life tree thing.
Me: OH! you just have to give it a Pheonix Down, cuz it's an undead monster!

oh man, I haven't felt this dorky in a looooong time.
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poor frodo...

okay, so in celebration of frodo's b-day, a few friends and i decided to watch the extended versions of the entire lord of the rings trilogy. that's right. all twelve hours of it. anyways. we started at two on saturday afternoon and actually finished about 1:30 in the morning. kinda surprising like that.

well, i feel dorky for many reasons. first of all, i made myself elf ears. i didn't have a costume (two of my friends were in full elvin regalia and one guy was a hobbit) so i decided to do the next best thing and spend half an hour on elf ears made out of the wax for my braces. and stage makeup. they looked real enough for two of my friends to ask me to do ears on them. and then one drafted me to do makeup and elf ears for the play i'm in this semester. it'll be friggin sweet.

anyways, then we got dorkier. apparently, if you sit around watching lotr for too long with people who have played too much d&d and read too much fanfics you start joking about the film in d&d terms. and making slash comments. we started with both around moria and continued throughout the trilogy. it was awesome. and way too easy during the battle of helm's deep.

and then one of my male friends wanted to test whether or not elves have really sensative ears on my ears. for the record, they are.

-sir robin

p.s. legolas and gimli rock. even if legolas has the bad habit of stating the obvious...probably for the benefit of those who haven't read the books...or don't have obsessive friends that walk them through the movies. we started giving awesome dice to the characters, usually one or two at a time to ensure victory in battle and during return of the king, you know, the part with the elephant, we were like "okay...legolas gets ten for climbing up the elephant...and ten more for shooting that guy. and fifty for cutting the rope, ending up on top, and killing all aboard the elephant. one hundred for the elephant itself. and fifty for that landing. and gimli gets just as much for his comment afterwards." and in case you're wondering, aragorn had a run away lead and was supplied with awesome dice to last him his incredibly long life no matter how badly he rolls in battle.