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The Super Squad - The Hurricane, Rosey, Super Stacy & Mighty Molly

WWE's Super Squad
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This is a LJ group dedicated to the Superheros of the WWE.

The Hurricane: The secret identity of Shane Helms, The Hurricane first became known after people took notice of his Green Lantern tattoo on his shoulder. Hurricane would also go by the reporter "Gregory Helms" to cover up his Hurricane gimmick, but it became a bit too obvious. We officially found out that it was Shane Helms under the mask when his ex-girlfriend Nidia and her boyfriend Jamie Noble decided to steal his mask and cape. The Hurricane hung up his cape in late-2005 and is now going by his real name, Gregory Helms.

Mighty Molly: The alter-ego of Molly Holly. Molly was rescued by The Hurricane and taken away from her boyfriend Spike Dudley. The next week, Molly showed up as "Mighty Molly" and defended the Alliance with pride for several months.

Rosey: Rosey was The Hurricane's first trainee. Originally the S.H.I.T. (SuperHero In Training), Rosey trained with Hurricane week after week until finally earning his superhero outfit. After The Hurri... er, Gregory Helms turned on his former partner, Rosey hasn't been seen since.

Super Stacy: This could have been built up several times, so it wasn't really shocking when Super Stacy made her debut. As the secret identity of Stacy Keibler, Super Stacy accompanied The Hurricane and Rosey to the ring week after week and even uses her "super powers" to help them out on occassion. This ended very abruptly when Stacy was traded to SmackDown with Christy Hemme for Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle.

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