I'm new and....... HEY!

HI I'm totally new totally cool and from what I've seen that's what this website is all about!So whatsup!Hey add me! I"m open to anyone if ur cool post a comment if ur not then ur not even supposed 2 be in here!Now if u r cool tell me 1 reason u r cool I wanna see the people thet r really cool and I'll know by the comments.
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Application because I am oh so cool<3

1)describe coolness in one word- rad

2)describe yourself in one word other than cool- gnarly

3)pick a color- neon pink

4)name an animal you would want to be- fire bellied frog

5)tell us what makes you cooler than the rest- I am cooler than the rest because i know how to have fun, o yes I do.  And because anyone can be cool all you gotta do is repect yourself and others. So ya rock on.



Hello Hello

Are you super cool? Do you want to be part of this community?

If you answered yes to both of these questions then fill out an application.

If you have questions my user name is noiretbleu...just comment

Stay Cool