melanie (heartbreakero6) wrote in _sunxkissed,


Do you remember February 1993 when a young 3 yr. old
was taken from a Shopping mall in Liverpool, england. by two
10-year-old boys? Jamie Bulger walked away from his
mother for only a second and Jon Venables took his
hand and led him out of the mall with his friend
Robert Thompson. They took Jamie on a walk for over 2
and a half miles, along the way stopping every now and
again to torture the poor little boy who was crying
constantly for his mommy. Finally they stopped at a
railway track where they brutally kicked him, threw
stones at him, rubbed paint in his eyes and pushed
batteries up his anus. It was actually worse than
What these two boys did was so horrendous that Jamie's
mother was FORBIDDEN to identify his body.
They then left his beaten small body on the tracks so
a train could run him over to hide the mess they had
created. These two boys, even being boys, understood
what they did was wrong, hence trying to make it look
like an accident. This week Lady Justice Butler-Sloss
has awarded the two boys anonymity for the rest of
their lives when they leave custody with new
identities. We cannot let this happen. They will also
leave early this year only serving just over half of
their sentence. One paper even stated that Robert may
go on to a University. They are getting away with
their crime.
They disgustingly and violently took Jamie's life away
- in return they get a new life.
Please read it carefully...
then add your name at the end... and send
it to everyone you can! Please add your name and
location to the list and send it to friends and
family. Please copy this e-mail (highlight text, right
click, copy and paste into a new email) instead of
forwarding so we do not get arrows at the beginning of
the sentences.
If you are the 500th person to sign,
please forward email to and
attention it to Lady Justice Butler-Sloss. Then start
the list over again and send to your friends and
family. The Love-Bug virus took less than 72 hours to
reach the world.
I hope this one does as well. We need to protect our
family and friends from creatures like Robert and Jon.
One day they may be living next to you and your small
children, without your knowledge. If Robert and Jon
could be so evil at 10 years old, imagine what they
could do as adults!

1. Casey Spencer, New Kent, VA
2. Elisabeth Jones, Louisa,VA
3. Jody Rothhaar- Holly Grove, VA
4. Jeanette Fusaro ~ Concord, NC
5. Lorraine Wright- Westbury, NY
6. Gary Pidcoe, Leawood, KS.
7. Karol &Michael Walters, St. Louis, MO
8. Robert &Susan Welch, Orlando, FL
9. Lynn Maxcy, Deltona, Fl
10. Jodie Cardinal, Orlando, Fl.
11. Stephanie Strain, Orlando, FL
12. Jean Fuller, Orlando, FL
13. Heather Huber, Altamonte Springs,FL
14. Shannon Finnegan. Orlando. FL
15. Jennifer Ivins, St. Cloud, FL
16. Kris Ivins, St. Cloud, FL
17. Teresa Ciotti, Orlando FL
18. Jill Garcille ~ Baton Rouge,LA
19. Lisa Krueger ~ Crestwood, IL
20. Tiffany Roma ~ Palos Heights, IL
21. Maureen Langer - Lockport, Il
22. Candice Pernell - Broadview, IL
23. Jenoveva Garcia - Romeoville, IL
24. Carol Luna- Chicago, IL
25. Brandy Flores- Chicago, IL
26. melissa sanchez - chgo, il
27. Robert Myers - Harl,TX
28. Jessica Rivera - Harlingen, TX
29 Raquel Hernandez- Los Fresnos, TX
30. Cristina Stratton- Harlingen, Tx
31. Dustin Stratton- Harlingen, Tx
32. Sue Ellen Turner- Chesapeake, VA
33. Paul Turner- Tavares, FL
34. Diane Turner- Tavares, FL
35. Ralph Esposito- Tavares, FL
36. Bob Esposito- Staten Island, NY
37. Noelle Sarni- Cape May
Court House, NJ
38. Amy Barnhart- Linwood, NJ
39. Julie Dugan - Cherry Hill, NJ
40. Theresa Patterson, Hainesport, NJ
41. Brandie Allen- Mt. Laurel, NJ
42. Leslie Chabala- Eastampton, NJ
43. Tiffany Clugsten- Hamilton, NJ
44. Jaime Clugsten - Roebling, NJ
45. Roxanne Sexton- Burlington, NJ
46. Jackie Lotsey, Eastampton, NJ
47. Kelly Brennan, Mt Holly, NJ
48. Shawn Brennan, Mt Holly, NJ
49. Gina Long, Bensalem, PA
50. Cora Lei Nguyen, Burlington, NJ
51. Jodi Evans, Colorado Springs, CO
52. Valeria Quinones, Colorado Springs, CO
53. Bonnie Lewis, Ham Lake, MN
54. Jennifer Eibensteiner, North Oaks,MN
55. Lyn Weihe, Stillwater, MN
56. Dana Schoepke, New Richmond, WI
57. Karen Russell, Oakdale, MN
58. Natalie Brickey, Lake Elmo, MN
59. Julie Djock, White Bear Lake, MN
60. Leah Burtzlaff, Minneapolis, MN
61. Sadhna Matai, Paramount, CA
62. Noelle Schmid, Cerritos, CA
63. Marilyn Livote, Buena Park, CA
64. Steven Boyle, San Diego, CA
65. Kathy Koenig, San Diego, CA
66. Barbara Clark, San Diego, CA
68. Melissa Drescher, San Diego, CA
69. Jill Holloway, Olathe KS
70. Carolyn Cantrell, Shawnee, KS
71. Susan Dean, Bonner Springs, KS
72. Antoinette Manza - Blue Springs, MO
73. Christi King - Blue Springs, MO
74. Jonathan Lightfoot -Kansas City, MO
75. Judy Miller- Harrisonville, MO.
76. Dalle Grimes Grandview, MO.
77. Rhonda Grimm Bentonville, AR
78. Carol Owens Bella Vista, AR
79. Carol Martin Bentonville AR
80. Vicki LeRoy Gravette AR
81. Brenda Hartley Noel, MO
82. Charles Hartley Noel, MO
83. Denise Kreidler Walworth, NY
84. Carl Priest Walworth, NY
85. Amy Wheaton Rochester, NY
86. Todd Wheaton Rochester, NY
87. Greg Wood Rochester, NY
88. Sue Wood Rochester, NY
89. Lori Martin Rochester, NY
90. Marti Burnham Rochester, NY
91. Lynne Ford Rochester, NY
92. Mary Kleinhenz Rochester, NY
93. Paul Kleinhenz Rochester, NY
94. Fran Stoneham Rochester, NY
95. Carol Ann Vernetti West Henrietta, NY
96. Melissa Cupp Rochester, NY
97. Kathy Keller, Honeoye, NY
98. Barb Mitchell Lyons, NY
99. Marilyn Frappolli Rochester, NY
100 Sheila Allen Henrietta, New York
101 William Allen Henrietta NY
102 Ryanna Allen Henrietta NY
103 Raelyn Allen Morgantown WV
104 Shelly A. Stroble, Hughesville, PA
105 Loralea Paugh, Collies, WV
106 Joyce Hegedus, Pittsburgh, PA
107 Kathleen Wetli, Atlanta, GA
108 Hank Schilder, Providence, Utah
109 Randy Moore, Clifton, Idaho
110 Curtis Reeves, Honey Brook, PA
111 Eileen Clark, Mexico, NY
112 Sheri Guilds, Mexico, NY
113 Andrew Guilds, Mexico, NY
114 Kaycie Guilds, Mexico, NY
115 John MacDonald, Mexico, NY
116 Donna Wilcox, Mexico, NY
117 Ryan Wilcox, Mexico, NY
118 Julie Restuccio, Oswego, NY
119 Jim Restuccio Oswego,NY
120 Michele Hourigan, Oswego, NY
121 Erica Bardeschewski, Rochester, NY

122 Sarah Flat rochester NY
123 Melissa Gallipeau Rochester, NY
124. Ann G. Cole, Pittsford, NY
125. Tero Cox, Rochester,NY.
126. Shay Cox, Rochester, NY
127. K. Carmon, New York, NY
128. Mary Nunez, New York, NY
129. Sergio Nunez, New York, NY
130. L. Nunez, New York, NY
131. Tanya Morales, Bronx, NY
132. Edgar Callejas, Bronx, NY
133. Jovani Callejas, Bronx, NY
134. Gloria Clemente, Bronx, NY
135. Pablo Clemente, Bronx, NY
136. Monique' Duran, Bronx, NY
137. Jennifer Santiago, Bronx, NY
138. Serena Rodriguez, Bronx, NY
139. Latisha Dechoudens, Bronx, NY
140. Joslyn Deveaux, Brookyln, NY
141. Erin De Veaux, Cathedral City, Ca
142. Beneranda Gonzalez, Joliet, IL
143. Yarissa Diaz. Chicago, IL
144. Dube Rivota, Franklin Park, IL
145. Chela Rivota-Diaz Northlake, IL
146. Erica Perez, Chicago,IL
147. Sarah Bruch, Aurora, IL
148. Jennifer Chanilo, Aurora, IL
149. Mariela Cortez, Chicago,IL
150. Marisol Rios, Chicago, I L
151. Hilda Tirado, Chicago IL
152. Wendy Vargas, Chicago, IL
153. Kathleen Pacione, Chicago, IL
154. Maria Marsh, Chicago, IL
155. Jennifer Trinos, Chicago, IL
156. Marquita Carlos, Streamwood, IL
157. Marcelito Carlos- San Diego, CA
158. Mary Malai Quattrone, Schaumburg, IL
159.Gloria Esposito, Palatine, IL
160. David Goggin, Hoffman IL
161. Shawn Ecklund, Palatine IL
162. Allison Payne, Streamwood, IL
163. Shawn Johnson, Romeoville, IL
164. Leesa Van Deelen, Stoney Creek, Ont
165. RaRa Fiore,Charlotte,NC
166. Ryan Linthicum, Baltimore, MD
hope I get to eat their fucking souls!!!
167. Christian Lee Rivera, Baltimore, MD
168. Krystal Serrano, NY
169. Brian wright greencastle,pa
170. Joanna Taylor, Winchester Virginia
171. Loic De Pieretti, Winchester Virginia
172. Brittany, Connecticut
173. Amila, New Jersey
174. Krysta, New Jersey
175. Jess Sloan, New Jersey
176. Kyle, Roxbury, NJ
177. Ashley, Haddon Heights, NJ
178. Maggie, Haddon Twp, NJ
179. Ally, Haddon Twp, NJ
180. Melissa, Cherry Hill , NJ
181. Jennifer, Cherry Hill, NJ
182. Tammie, Cherry Hill, NJ
183. Dylan, Cherry Hill, NJ
184. Ashley, Cherry Hill, NJ
185. Gianna, Maple Shade, NJ
186.Chelsea, Maple Sade, Nj
187. Casey, Maple Shade, Nj
188. Kristin, Maple Shade, NJ
189. Breanne, Lindenwold, NJ
190. Janae , Glendora, NJ
191.Melissa, Glendora, NJ
192. kathy, Los Angeles. Cal.
193. Alex, Los Angeles, CA
194. Jenna, Wheeler, WI
195. Mikey, Eau Claire, Wi
196. Angela, Menomonie, Wi
197. Chester Victor, MN
198. Becky D , MN
199. Heidi M, CA
200!!!! Sarah L. OR
201. Alyssa A, CA
202. Jun S, CA
203. Cathie N, CA
204. Sheyda, CA
205. Archi, CA
206. Akalina, Modesto, California
207. Yvette , Ceres Ca.
208. Daniel, Modesto Ca.
209. Lindsay, Manteca CA.
210. Christin, Manteca Ca
211. Melissa, Manteca Ca
212. Allen Mackey, San Luis Obispo, CA
213. Devin, Manteca, CA
214. Maricel, Lathrop, CA
215. Julie Mae. Stockton, CA
216.A-Jay Ramos, Faifrfield, Ca
217. Jennifer A. Cushing, Vallejo, CA
218. Dan, Council Bluffs IA
219. Samantha H, Bellevue NE
220. Mindy Z, Papillion NE
221. Whitney M, Papillion, NE
222. Corey C. Simpson, MD
223. Robert Bryan Payne, MD
224. Lucky. Woodbridge, VA
225. Katie M. Baltimore, MD
226. Caitlin S. Baltimore, MD
227. Megan T. Baltimore, MD
228. Amber M. Baltimore, MD
229. Kameron C. Baltimore MD
230. Gabby . Long Island , NY
231. Daniel O. Los Angeles, CA
232. Kylie R. Los Angeles, CA
233. Joseph G. SYLMAR,CA
234. Chelsea P. Granada Hills, CA
235. Elizabeth G. Sylmar, CA
236.Joey S.Sylmar, cali
237.Maria B. Sylmar, CA
238.Victor C. Sylmar, CA
239. Daisy P. Sylmar CA
240. Mike D. Sylmar, CA
241. Jenn P. Plaistow, NH
242. Sarah C. Plaistow/Atkinson, NH
243. Alex H. Atkinson, NH
244. Alexis C. Sandown, NH
245. Kiersten Parks NJ
246. Kayla B. Bellingham MA
247. katelin S. Metzdorf Monson MA
248.jenna d. johnson, Monson MA
249. ej newhouse, Monson MA
250. alyssa leonard, Monson MA
251. Celia B. Deeter, Oak Park, CA
252. Ali Biggs, San Jose, CA
253. Lindsey Mangan, San Jose, CA
254. Shabby, San Jose, CA
255. Some guy, San Jose, CA
256.Dani , Santa Rosa Ca
257. Mark, Wilkes Barre, PA
258. Brittany , Hanover Township,PA
259. Mandy, Wilkes-Barre, Pa
260. Lindsey, Wilkes-Barre, Pa
261. Kyle, Duryea, PA
262. Brittany, Avoca, PA
263.Mike, Scranton, PA
264. Jopie, Archbald, Pa
265. Angie, Archbald Pa
266. Kaitlin, Archbald, PA
267. Jennifer, Peckville, Pa
268. Corey, Archbald, Pa
69.Hans,Scranton, Pa
270. Kyle, Sweet Valley, Pa
271.Loreal, Harveys Lake, PA
272. Bloodcurse, Dallas, Pa
273. Ashlee - Wilkes Barre, PA
274. Mike - Plains, PA
275.bethany-west pittston, Pa
276. Sean, West Pittston, Pa
277. Laura, Afton, Va
278. Josh Stahlman SlipperyRock , PA
279. Kate Blakley, Grove City, Pa
280. Chelsea Semple, Grove City, Pa
281. Mike Kudelko, Sharpsville, PA
282. Ashley Kamovitch, Sharpsville PA
283. Cal Allan, Saltburn by the sea, Cleveland, England
284. Abbie M, Hartlepool, England.
285. Jamie Beer, caerphilly, south wales, uk
286. alex fitzpatrick, cwmbran, south wales, uk
287. Melody, cwmbran, S.Wales, UK
288. Mandy; Sioux Falls, SD
289. Nick Posillico Deer, Park, NY
290. Stephanie - Queens, NY
291. kyle - kingston Ny
292. Olivia- Kingston NY
293. Kristine-Kingston NY
294. Chrystal - Woodstock, NY
295. Carly- Kingston, NY
296. Zach- Baltimore, MD
297. Eddie-Baltimore, MD
298. My- Stuart, FL
299. Brendon- Stuart, Fl
300. Dylan Roberts, Port St Lucie FL
301. Craig - Port St Lucie, FL
302. Reese - Hollywood, FL
303. Kaitlyn O'Toole, Hyde Park FL
304. Jenna Deeter, Port Richey FL
305. Amaya Brecher, Beverley Hills CA
306. Sarah Sparkle Hennessy, Hyde Park FL
307. Kristen Rhinehold[my dad is a Federal Judge and I showed im this and hes going to see if he can help :-) ] , Tampa FL
308. Kaite Corangelo, New Port Richey FL
309. Chris Beckham , Beverley Hills CA
310. Heather Zolton, Tampa FL
311. Michael Weber, Port Richey FL
312. Sean Michael Gray, Weymouth, Mass
313. Raeanne M Martinez, Denver CO
314. Leena Guzman, Chicago, IL
315. Zach Lupton, Livermore, CA
316. Kristy Taylor Australia
317. Julie Gilbert, Phoenix, Arizona
318.Alyssa Rockhold,phx. Arizona
319.Aurora Dean, peaoria, arizona
320. Stephanie Dunn, Phoenix, AZ..
321. Ruby Robledo AZ
322. Andrew Soncrant AZ
323. Alex Soncrant AZ
324. Stephen McGlothlen AZ
325.Devin Berryhill AZ
327.Brandon McGuire, Phoenix, AZ
328.Sam Bruce, Glendale, AZ
329.Chaille L.,Phoenix,AZ
330. David Losada, Glendale, AZ
331. malorie espinoza,phoenix,AZ
332. Alexis- AZ
333. Sarah- Phx, AZ
334. Tracy S.-Phx, AZ
335. Camille K- Phoenix, AZ
336. Tom V- Phoenix, AZ
337. Sarah R- Phoenix, AZ
338. Carly C- Phoenix, AZ
339. Taylor F- Phoenix, Az
341. Drew Sterling Vaughn, Phoenix AZ
342. Julia A - Phx, Az
343. Alex w- Phx, Az
345. Brandon Ratliff - Leavenworth, Kansas
346. Jenna K - London, england
347. Jack J - Stratford, england
348, robin englefield. leamington spa. england
349. Siany E . Coventry . England .
350.Kevin P . Coventry . England
351. Sarah G. Coventry, England
352. Leigh Naylor, Coventry, England, UK
353. Jennifer.M, Perth, Scotland, UK
354. Llamaface, uk
355. Samie Roberts, UK, England
356. Jack Shoudy, NJ, USA
357. carolina vicente NJ USA
358. nicole colasuonno, NJ, USA
359. Veronica Jimenez NJ, USA
340. Amber Astore NJ,USA
341. Mark Schneider NJ, USa
342. Joey Manos NJ, USA
343. melissa lauter NJ, USA
344. Kristen---<3 NJ, USA!!!!
345.Shannon---<3 NJ, USA
346. Christina Aguilera USA
347 laura jackson, notingham, england
348 colette ayers , notz england

349 melanie laakso mi usa
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