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Hey everyone I am leaving for 4 days I will not be back until school starts on Sept 7th. You all have a good time and I will read updates on you all when I get back!

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The Closing.....

P.S. Even though the community will be closed, the rules will still apply, No Promoting!! Thank You.

_cool_breezes_ is now open, so if you want, you may go ahead and fill out the application there :) I hope to see you guys there!! Remember if your a member of this community, you are automatically accepted :).

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Another good community to try out is our other sister twilight_cuties. :)


hey guys!
im sorry to say this but i am leaving the community because school is becoming a loaded dred and i cant take all the stress. also it is causing to many stupid arguements between me and my friends so im totally leaving livejournal...

soo sorry!

<33 Magellan

So Sad....

i too have noticed a change in the community. There are a ton of members and a lot of inactive ones. and opinions i dont agree with and what not....I'm done with the whole rating thing also. It's been fun and i've made some good friends.

Love You All

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Dear Mod,
i just wanted to let you know that i won't be as active in voting and such since school is starting next week. so please don't delete/ban me!! thanks
and i also wanted to know why so many people are leaving??? i love this community and the people that are leaving are saying that its closing down soon :( i hope this isn't true. please let me know.
<3 megan