Дина Та (blade_o_grass) wrote in _sumiregusa_,
Дина Та

Did you hear the news?

It looks as if Enya's new album 'And Winter Came' is finally coming! They say, it will be released on November 10th.
Here's the information from the news page on Enya's oficial site:

Welcome to the brand new Enya website! With the new site comes the exciting news that Enya will release her brand new studio album 'And Winter Came' on November 10th on Warner Bros. Records. Two years in the making, 'And Winter Came' was recorded at Aigle Studios near Dublin and is once again the result of Enya's longstanding creative team with producer/arranger Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan. "I always wanted to do a Christmas album, but as we began recording I didn't feel it was right to impose a Christmas theme on certain songs," explains Enya. Says Nicky, "We started out writing for a Christmas album, but it has evolved into more an Enya album based in a winter landscape where Christmas arrives here and there, but it would be wrong to call it an Enya Christmas album." 'And Winter Came' is nonetheless rich in delightful festive moments. News on the first single to be taken from 'And Winter Came' will be announced first here, so please check back for more updates soon.

PS and just have a look at the site! It's absolutely new and very cute ^_^
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