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Well, hello there everyone! [MOMMYPOST.]

Whoo... Seems like the community's been picking up quite a bit since I've been gone! Just to assure you, I'm home from my little escapade in the military and I'll be trying to pick up some of the slack here. I know, I know... SHAMEONME. But let's get back to what we do best, ne? [Suiko Rating, that is. :DDD]

SO. What I need from you is VOTES! Within the coming days, I'll be pulling though all the old applications and seeing who needs to be stamped, who needs a stamp, and who still needs votes.

PS^2ed to my TalentedIconners!:
I'm totally slacking in this department, so if someone can fill me in, that'd be totally swank. Also, if anyone is good with layouts? :DDDDDD

Alrighty then---
Thankyou everyone for sticking with us! Don't forget to applyNvote!
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