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_suiko_rating_'s Journal

Gensou Suikoden Rating Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome everyone to the first [and only] Suikoden Stamping Community!

Eventually our goal is to have every single suikoden character in existance available in stampage form! Yes, that's a mighty big goal but we've got nothing but tons of support from our friends and fellow Suikoden lovers. For the beginning of our journey, we'll only have the most popular characters put into a stamp, but don't let that stop you from using a character we haven't yet made a stamp for. If by chance an applicant is stamped by the masses of a character we've yet to make a stamp for-- we'll make a stamp right away and add it to the collection.

improvements are still being made~

1. Read the rules and put "Going with the silver flow~" in the subject line.
3. Please put all picture and applications behind an LJ cut. Clickhere for a tutorial if you don't know how.
4. Same as other communities. Please bold your votes.
5. Feel free to pimp the community. Makes us feel better. ^_~
6. If you're unhappy with your stamp, you can retry as soon as five days after your original post. You will only be allowed to be restamped twice.
7. After three days-- either tohma_angst or ahstaru will stamp you. [Though on some weeks it may take just a little longer~]
8. You can put as many as THREE characters in your vote.
9. Go fill out the application and have fun~! :D

For a master list of characters you can vote with, click here for pictures and stamps. This may help you on your decision-making process.

For a list of stamped members, go here

Please contact one of the mods or leave a comment here to be marked as an affiliate~!

Please also go enjoy these communities!