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Going with the Silver flow~

-About You-
Name/Nickname? Jessy
Gender? Female
Age? 17
Favorite color? Purple, but I also like Blue.
Hobbies/talents? Singing, Playing Piano, Speaking/Studying Foreign Languages, Dancing, Acting, Cooking.
What are your strengths? I am very loyal and a good friend. Also, I'm rather musically inclined.
What are your weaknesses? I am loyal to a fault and I let people use me. Also, I am a perfectionist and critical of myself and get overwhelmed sometimes.
Logical or Intuitive? Both, depending on the situation.
Leader or Follower? A leader, though sometimes I wish I could just follow.
Pessimistic or Optimistic? Optimistic, but sometimes my doubts do get the better of me.
Fun or Business? Both. Work hard, play hard!
What are some things you love? Singing, Reading, Writing, Japan, Ancient Egypt, Sushi, Cooking, Eating, Clothes, Acting, Dancing, Dessert, Manga, Anime, Playing Video Games, Hanging out with friends, Spending time alone, Travelling, Staying at home.
What are some things you hate? People who are unkind, backstabbing, and untruthful, who will blame everyone else before taking the blame and who don't care about anyone but themselves. I also don't like spinach 'cause it made me sick once.

Favorite Suikoden Game? III
Favorite Suikoden Character? Sasarai
Which Suikoden character would you like to enjoy a nice lunch with? Why? Thomas. I think we'd get along really well.
If you lived in the Suikoden world~ Which town would be your hometown? Budehuc Castle! It's kind of.. eclectic? I don't know, I just love the mix of people there.

It's over! Really!
And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I don't honestly know.
Where did you hear about us? I'm not sure... another community. I'm sorry, I can't remember!!
Are you happy there was finally a Suikoden Stamping Community made? I love Suikoden.


Please mouse over for picture taken dates.

November 2006

October 2006

October 2006

September 2006


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