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Going with the silver flow~!

-About You-
Name/Nickname?Elizabeth-Carrie but better known as Eli or my chinese name Jiayin to most
Gender? Female
Age? 16
Favorite color? Aquamarine; the color of the sea
Hobbies/talents? I'm quite musically inclined, i've got perfect pitch or something like that, i play a band and tend to write my own music from time to time.
What are your strengths?I'm pretty outgoing, quite spontanous and I care alot about people and random things which people think I'm mad for, like animals and trees.
What are your weaknesses? Being stubborn, naive, shy and easily embarassed.
Logical or Intuitive?Intuitive
Leader or Follower?Abit of both I guess.
Pessimistic or Optimistic?Optimistic
Fun or Business?Fun
What are some things you love?Music, jamming, photography, gaming, long walks/bus rides, going out with friends, exploring abadoned/haunted places, nature, animals, the rain and yeah being close to the sea.
What are some things you hate?Superfical people, perverts and worms!

Favorite Suikoden Game? Suikoden II
Favorite Suikoden Character? Nanami. Besides the fact she is pretty, I like her for her confidence and her love for Riou (the hero), her brother, so much so she's willing to lay down her life for him. And as an older sister, she takes really good care of him and looks out for him no matter what. I think that's pretty sweet. On another level, I like her for her random actions and funny mannerisms, plus she can be a pretty mean fighter.
Which Suikoden character would you like to enjoy a nice lunch with? Why?Viktor. Because he seems someone really funny and easy to get along with.
If you lived in the Suikoden world~ Which town would be your hometown?Gregminister

It's over! Really!
And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I have no idea really.
Where did you hear about us?Suikoden was on my interests list and I clicked it for fun. So yeah, I found this community!
Are you happy there was finally a Suikoden Stamping Community made?YES FINALLY!

Now post at least (3) clear photos of yourself. If you really don't want to post any, or don't have any, describe yourself the best you can. ^_^

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