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-About You-
Name/Nickname? Raine.
Gender? Female. Grudgingly.
Age? Eighteen.
Favorite color? Red, orange (if it's with red), yellow (if it's with red.)
Hobbies/talents? Reading, writing (fanfiction), studying storylines, observing behavior, analyzing, compiling, organizing, toying with people, double-speak, sleeping for as many hours as possible, napping.
What are your strengths? Strong-willed, fierce, resolutely loyal, stubborn, persistent. I have excellent task-managing skills and the ability to compromise to great effect when things go bad. I'm compelled to protect people that need help in some way or another and if you're one of the few people I consider a friend I'll go to the ends of the Earth and right down into Hell if I have to.
What are your weaknesses? I have a tendency to scare most people off with my bluntness, my honesty, or my frightening ability to know almost everything I need to know about you within a day of speaking to you (depending on how talkative one is.) Most people generally regard me as creepy, but I can't say as I blame them considering that I kind of like it. I can be a very nasty enemy nonetheless and I hold grudges that date back from when I was five. ... No, I'm not kidding.
Logical or Intuitive? A little bit of both, although I do side with logistics rather than just my instincts. Unfortunately my instincts tend to be more accurate.
Leader or Follower? I prefer to stay neutral, but yet I end up making all the decisions now somehow.
Pessimistic or Optimistic? Realist, but I'm at my most optimistic when it benefits my friends. Even if I don't particularly believe it.
Fun or Business? Fun, of course. When I get into business mode, it tends to last for as long as the project does and I supposedly get my most manic around those times.
What are some things you love? Analyzing people, psychology, compiling seemingly useless information about people in my mind, music, books, reading, RPGs, roleplaying (online text-based), making graphics, coloring (... shut up, it's fun), minty things.
What are some things you hate? Lies, jackasses, things / people that could be better but aren't, dishonorable people, people that endlessly pick fights with me, stupidity, empty-headed little playthings, weak-willed and indecisive women.

Favorite Suikoden Game? Suikoden III at the moment, though I loved parts of SIV as well (disliked the short ending however.)
Favorite Suikoden Character? That's like asking which of your children you love best, I can't decide.
Which Suikoden character would you like to enjoy a nice lunch with? Why? Caesar. Anyone who greets someone with, "Who the hell are you?" is bound to be incredibly entertaining.
If you lived in the Suikoden world~ Which town would be your hometown? Na-Nal always looked like it would be a good place to live, even if the chief is a moron.

It's over! Really!
And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I really couldn't say.
Where did you hear about us? I was bored and went looking for Suikoden communities and I found it on an interest search.
Are you happy there was finally a Suikoden Stamping Community made? Yes, I suppose so. It looked fun.

Now post at least (3) clear photos of yourself. If you really don't want to post any, or don't have any, describe yourself the best you can. ^_^

That's the only one I have handy at the moment.
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